Port O’ Call Restaurant New Online Presence

The Port O’ call is one of the Outer Banks’ most well known restaurants, but their online presence was seriously wanting. With such a popular night spot, it was critical for them to start reaching out with a strong social media campaign. Their business is one that most strongly benefits from a great social media presence, and they realized they would need to re-do their site while they were at it.

Port O’ Call asked for help with:

– WordPress website development
– Video editing
– Social media marketing
– Search Engine Optimization
– Reputation Management
– Local Listings…

A Diverse Undertaking

The Port O’ Call is a very well known restaurant in it’s area, but increasing competition made them re-evaluate their online strategy. Their website was old, rarely updated and was pretty scant about their offerings. They knew they needed something new, so they turned to us.

The Port O’ Call had three areas they wanted to focus on: the restaurant, their gift shop and their entertainment. They also wanted us to help with brand management.

How We Did It

We immediately established a new site for them. We divided it up by restaurant, gift shop and entertainment. The restaurant section features their entire menu as well as pages for their restaurants overall offerings, event dinners and wedding receptions. The gift shop at Port O’ Call offers a pretty diverse range of products, so we gave the gift shop section one over all landing page, plus sub pages for major brands they carry.

As for the entertainment, we only made one landing page for it. Since they have different bands and entertainment offerings weekly, we felt the blog offered the best way to handle the situation. And since they wanted to keep their site family friendly, we arranged for a local night life site to cover the Port O’ Call once a week for the more adult-oriented shows.

Social Media and Brand Management

Port O’ Call had a personal profile on Facebook, so our first order of business was getting all of their current friends to become fans of the public page we set up. While it took some time, we did manage to get most of them over to the new page, which is now thriving as the official Facebook presence. We also started Twitter and Youtube accounts for them.

as for the brand management, we closely monitor their ratings on several major sites, including Google Maps. When ever a negative comment is posted, we reply in Port O’ calls name and try to remedy the situation. We’ve had significant success with this, and have had few criticisms since we took over.

We’re Excited To Do The Same For You!

The Port O’ Call is one of our more diverse and constantly changing clients, and we enjoy the challenge of keeping up with them. We can give you the same success they’ve had!


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