Our founder, Leonardo Saraceni, had a unique vision. Everyone knows the different components of effective online advertising. But in order to take advantage of each aspect, small business owners had to hire multiple different companies in order to sustain all of them.

A website designer for their website.

A social media marketing company for Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, etc.

An SEO company to rank on Google and other search engines.

And professional writers, because most of these companies rely on their customer for content. As if they didn’t have enough to do running their business.

The Birth of Market & Convert

But Leonardo saw something no else did. These are not individual marketing tactics to pick and choose from, rather elements of a whole. An effective online presence needs all of these strategies to work together harmoniously for maximum effect. The must all be integrated with each other. While alone, each is able to produce adequate results, together, they make for a powerhouse marketing strategy.

Realizing the potential his idea had, he approached the owner of a local fitness club on the Outer Banks, Morrison Butler, and offered to show him how effective it was. Within a month, Morrison saw the fantastic results generated and partnered with Leo to offer those same services to other small business owners.

How It Works – Synergy In Action

At Market & Convert, each piece of your online presence is built together. We ensure that they complement each other perfectly to maximize their effectiveness, meaning more customers and less expense for you. You’ll save money by only dealing with one business, plus you won’t be wasting money on less than effective advertising.

We also have a full staff of trained writers capable of writing informative content, while also maximizing its search engine optimization value. And we can write about anything. We write on topics as diverse as weddings to Star Wars, concrete pump trucks to mixed martial arts. We have carefully chosen our writers because they are intelligent and love to learn about a wide range of topics. You have enough to do running your business without having to learn enough about SEO to write website content that ranks.

Work Smarter

If you are a small business owner, you know the key to successful advertising is getting the maximum value for your dollar. Why waste money on a poorly designed site, much less advertising that barely works? We can build you an online presence that will outclass your competitors for far less than you would pay trying to piecemeal all of the components together from separate companies.

At Market & Convert, we specialize in making online advertising work, perfectly, for you.