Custom WordPress Web Design

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Website Development & Design

Building Solid Conversions

If you still think website design is about pretty Flash animations and ultracolorful schemes, you’re living in the 20th century.

Websites are not a novelty like they once were – they now exist to serve a purpose. Your purpose.

[message type=”success”]Our websites are built for conversions – their entire concept is geared towards driving the visitor to take action. Check our Portfolio and see for yourself[/message]

Whether it will be a purchase, a sign up, or a referral, we make sure that your website will not simply be pretty – it will be profitable!

The unique suite of services you have access to is unmatched anywhere. With the experience we have with Search Engine Optimization we are able to build your site exactly how Google (and your customers) expect it to be – clear navigation, well-structured, no pop-ups, etc…

And with the complete market and keyword research we perform, your site will undoubtedly be built for success.

Tracking Conversions (Web Metrics)

We would not expect you to take our word that your site will be profitable, so we set up scripts to capture visitors’ feedback on each one of our websites. This service, in which Google Analytics is the leading provider, is included in any of our packages, and it is the best way to determine how successful a website really is.

With Analytics in place, Market & Convert is able to produce weekly reports detailing exactly where your traffic is coming from, why they’re at your site, how long they stayed, and how much money the website is producing.  We can also see where your site’s visitors are based, so we know how many are conveniently located in Norfolk or Richmond, versus elsewhere in the country.

See For Yourself

We make it easy for you to see exactly who you’re hiring and some of our work. Check our always-growing Portfolio!