Guest Posts

The Market & Convert blog is updated mainly by our VP, Leo Saraceni, and sometimes by our Head of Content, Robert Laitinen.

Both are extremely knowledgeable and enjoy sharing valuable information, and believe the more information we make available to you, the better.

Opening Our Blog To Guest Writers

Our blog audience is composed of small and medium business owners, and while they enjoy being up-to-date on strategies that we use and the Web Marketing in general, we try to keep our articles approachable.

If you’d like to contribute to our blog, we’d be honored to publish your articles. Below are some of the topics that we like to talk about:


Of course, we want to publish only the best articles. Ultimately, we hold the rights to decide what gets published and we may ask you to edit your pieces at times. Below are some of the requirements we highly recommend you follow:

  • Keep your posts between 350 and 450 words
  • Make sure your content is 100% original – we will NOT publish duplicate content
  • Good grammar is a must
  • Graphics and pictures are welcome (send them separately, in .jpg or .png version)
  • Include a small profile pic for your author profile
  • You may include up to 4 outbound links in your article, not more than 2 to a single domain. We hold the rights to determine if link is going to reputable source

If you have new ideas, strategies, or simply motivational pieces to share with our readers, please go ahead and send your content directly to info[at]

We look forward to hearing from you!