We Are Working Through Hurricane Irene

As I sit in my home office, trying to eat my breakfast, I get interrupted by Skype calls from relatives (in Brasil, Portugal, and Ukraine) absolutely FREAKING out about Hurricane Irene. Market & Convert is largely based in Kill Devil Hills, NC, and according to all of the “prophets of doom” on TV, we’re headed for a nice visit from her.

God bless our families. They’re very far from here, and at least for our family in Brazil, they’re in a place that has NO hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. It took me a good couple of hours to calm them down after we got “hit” by the East Coast Earthquake this week. It’s hard to explain that yes, the house shook for a few minutes, but we were fine. Now, they watch reporters announce the upcoming horror and are worried sick.

Is Market & Convert Leaving Or Staying?

Our staff was advised to evacuate, as were every resident of Dare County, and some will. I am leaving in a couple of hours with my family. Most of staff, however, has been on the Outer Banks all of their lives and plan on riding the storm.

Leaving or staying, our duties remain the same. I will have wi-fi in the hotel and will be answer to continue working as soon as we check in. The staff that is staying is maintaining regular work hours while we have power.

The town of Kill Devil Hills has issued state of Emergency and Dare County has announced mandatory evacuation for residents and tourists as well. Where are we, any way? See below

Oh Shoot….

Yeap… That’s us right there.

Your Website Optimization Work

The reason I wrote this post was to make sure you understand that your Search Engine Marketing will be unaffected by Irene. Last week I wrote about ways to keep track of your Search Optimization team, and maintaining regular work hours despite the declared state of emergency is just a small proof that we’re here for you.

If you’re looking for a dedicated web team for your small business, we’re here for you. Despite Irene.