Stop #SOPA – How Congress Wants To Censor Your Internet

Sometimes Politics mimics fairy tales. Specially those fairy tales that are always stuck on the horrifying, sad part, and never ever reach a happy end. The video below wraps this new nightmarish fairy tale:

Fairy Tale Made In China

The outdated, narrow minded, holding-on-for-dear-life folks of Hollywood have lobbied their way into Congress with the Protect IP Act / Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a bill that wants to put you in jail for posting that horrible karaoke video on Youtube last night.

China runs the most complex online censorship program on the planet, and the US is now considering a law that would mirror the blood-stopping powers of the Great Firewall. Consider the implications:

– You post a video of your latest set to a large online community of DJs. A copyright holder complains about one of the songs in the hour-long set and complains to a censorship official. You can go to jail. The online community can be forcefully taken down.

– After finding a very funny LOLCat image of a feline imitating Rihanna’s dance pose, you post it to your Facebook along with a picture of Rihanna that you found on Google. That picture had a copyright and the holders see it. You can go to jail. Facebook can forcefully taken down.

That’s Stupid. Why Do Such Things?

The intent, like usual, is valid – stop “shady” sites like PirateBay that allow illegal torrents to be downloaded. The good folks at the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America have spoken in support of bill, of course. They claim illegal downloads lead to loss of jobs.

But again, as the savvy internet users that they are, Congresswomen and men went too far and did too little. They turned sites such as Youtube and Facebook liable for all users’ content. It’s not enough they’re already able to place ads on videos and even remove the videos completely.


What YOU Can Do To Help

  1. Stop SOPA – sign up and send a physical letter to Congress demanding this bill never passes.
  2. Call Your Representatives – let them know how silly this is and how that’d hurt not just our leisure time, but innovative startups that fuel this economy.
  3. Educate your friends and those around you. Information is power.

Let us know what you’re doing to help and if you have any questions in the comments below.