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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Search Engine Marketing via Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is basically advertising that you pay for only when it works. A person searches for your service, and an ad is displayed based on the keyword the user searched for. You only pay if the person clicks on the ad. This way you are only paying for advertising that is reaching an interested potential customer.

Quick Example: You own a local beauty salon that specializes in wedding hairdos. With PPC, you can tell Google to place your website every time a searcher types in “wedding hair in (enter City/Area name here)”.

Local Pay-per-Click advertising is the most targeted form of advertising available and extremely cost-effective.

PPC works on an auction system where the highest bid along with the highest Google quality score gets the best ad placement. This all sounds a bit complicated, but you’ll have to worry about NONE of this.

How we make PPC work for you:

  • We pick keywords that are local and make sense from a searchers view point.  Don’t pay for Chicago clicks if you need Richmond  and Norfolk clicks.
  • We manage your bids on the ads
  • We split test ads
  • We track conversions on keywords. Keywords that convert receive more attention.

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